Sunday 26 September 2021

Audio Outings for My Writing

Below is a list of podcast stories/contributions that I've had read out to date. At some point I might be arsed to actually edit them all down and have them all ready for you to listen to, but you're a grown up right? You've downloaded a podcast before haven't you? All of these are still available. I've put the time that my words are on each show so they're easy to track down.

The Adrift stories in particular helped me to hone the style I was to use in Balls to MS. It also had the happy by-product of providing me with an advocate for the book. The co-presenter of the podcast, Annabel Port, was a presenter on Absolute Radio for years, providing comic contributions to Geoff Lloyd's shows, so she knows comedy. On the back of having a few stories read out, I contacted Annabel to ask if she would read an early draft of my book. She very kindly agreed and her encouragement – let’s face it, mainly the fact that she assured me it wasn’t shit – and her willingness to provide an endorsement spurred me on to complete the project.

Anyway, here is the irrefutable evidence - yes, irrefutable, so don't bother trying to refute it - that I can write amusing stories about life and our erratic attempts to negotiate it.


Episode 96 - 8.20 mins in

Episode 100 - 12.50 mins in

Episode 112 - 10.30 mins in

Episode 128 - 13.15 mins in

Episode 161 - 11.40 mins in

Episode 186 - 10.25 mins in

The Jason Manford Show

12th July 2020 – 14.10 in

Top Flight Time Machine

The Hippie Conundrum – May 7 2021 – at the start of the episode

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