Sunday 19 September 2021

Living with Multiple Sclerosis in Photos

Back of my original blue badge. I felt better about the whole thing for using an old photo from my halcyon days.


As featured in the chapter Three-legged Man Acquires Four-legged Friend. I figure everyone likes a cute dog, so why not (that's a Schmackos by the way - she doesn't have a weirdly rectangular tongue).

A taste of the pills I consume on a weekly basis. The one on the left is Baclofen that helps to control the spasms I experience in my legs, a relatively recent symptom of the MS. Only really get them when I'm tired and trying to sleep or relax. Body, you really are a bastard that hates me.

I only take around 50 a week of the Baclofen. Add that to the 21 tablets I take every seven days due to the thyroid problems detailed in the memoir, the 14 that are supposedly to counter the MS fatigue and the 14 cod liver capsules I take, as fish oil is thought to be a good supplement if you have MS, and that's 99 tablets a week. Don't forget the squirt each day of Vitamin D though. Again, thought to be a good idea for those with multiple sclerosis. So that tips me over into three figures.

Everything completely normal. Nothing to see here. Move along please.


Almost forgot. I stick one of these in my leg three times a week too.

Brabio is supposed to reduce the possibility of relapses that could do further damage. I was on Avonex for years. That was only once a week, but the needle was more fierce i.e. bigger and the side effects greater. This one is child's play in comparison. Still not fun mind.

Irving Welsh's colourful character Juice Terry (Glue, A Decent Ride), who lives for bedding as many women as he can, calls his penis Auld Faithful. As a man in his early 50s with MS, this is my Auld Faithful. Hey ho.

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