Sunday 19 September 2021

Balls to MS - the Memoir about Living with Multiple Sclerosis Out Now

'Moving, yes, but also laugh out loud funny.'

Annabel Port, Adrift podcast and former Absolute Radio presenter

20 Years of Discovering Your Body Hates You

Andy Reynard has had multiple sclerosis for most of this century and to be honest, he’s a bit annoyed about it. In this irreverent account of how the condition has steadily crept into his life, we learn that his brain is a murky, chaotic place and that using popular culture references is sometimes the only way he can make sense of it all.

We also discover that his body is a bastard because shortly after his MS diagnosis his thyroid became ridiculously overactive, the bizarre treatment for which made him radioactive and dangerous to know.

Then things got serious, as he was given the news that another health crisis meant his life was under threat – and as this news was delivered by the super-hot Dr Amalia Gonzalez, he was in a state of arousal at the time.

It’s certainly been a bumpy ride and his body continues to offer new and interesting symptoms of MS for him to enjoy, but he’s survived at least. All he can do is keep clinging to the words of the wise philosopher who succinctly declared, ‘Shit happens.’

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  1. I reviewed your book for my blog.


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